Buienalarm 2.0

Project Details
  • Year:  2015
  • Categories:  front-end
  • Employer:  Colours BV
Project Description

Redesign of Buienalram web-application. Originally Buienalarm was an app for smartphones that can warn about a precipitation in your location. The same was the first Buienalram web-site made by our team in 2012. Redesigned web-application extends the functionality of the app with weather forecasts on 2/24hrs or 7 days and integration with ThingsToDo servise to propose nearby locations and entertaiments you may want to attend.

Technical implementation includes responsive design, Drupal, Highcharts.js, Google Maps API, FontAwesome icons etc. Front-end team used PatternLab, Bootstrap, Grunt, Bower, SASS. During this projects some enhancements have been made and contributed to PaternLab (see pull request on GitHub).