Escaro Brands

package and POS-materials
Project Details
  • Year:  2010 2011
  • Categories:  package advertising pos
  • Employer:  Adliga Advertising Agency
  • Client:  Escaro Group AB
Project Description

During my work at Adliga Advertising Agency in 2010-2011 we did a lot (really a lot) of designs for Eskaro Group AB — an international company that produces paintwork materials under brands like Escaro, Condor, AURA, Kapral.

We did packages, POS-materials, video-advertising, billboards etc. Main concepts were developed by art-director Anatol Lazar and I was just helping him with technical stuff (like creating image clipping masks) and with finishing designs and particular products.

It was a continuous work, so if I would split it into separate projects they would seem rather small and unimportant, though there will be too many of them. So for this portfolio let it be a single huge project so you could understand a diversity of tasks :)