full-stack web development
Project Details
  • Year:  2008 2009
  • Categories:  web-design front-end back-end
  • Client:  Kryuja.org
Project Description

Website for informal research center of the Belarusian tradition culture. Informational and visual design, front-end and back-end coding (Joomla). About 40 stylish visuals have been prepared for the pages to be show randomly. The website's main purpose was to help reading big scientific texts, so everything was optimized for this task: there was a text size changer, tool-tips on references and even a "night-vision mode" - a trigger to swap background colors to black for more convenient reading in the night. Website existed from 2008 to 2013.

The Center of Ethno-Cosmology "KRY?JA" was initiated as an informal community for coordination of research into the Belarusian history, recreation of ancient Belarusian Weltanschauung, pre-Christian religion, and traditional values of autochthonous people of Belarus (within its ethnographical boundaries) and the Baltic region. The term ethno-cosmology was chosen as a general definition for a specific research field integrating elements of different scientific disciplines relating to the ethno-cultural studies. These elements include the problems of ethnogenesis, ethnic history, ethnolinguistics, typology of cultures, archeology, social philosophy etc.