Maxi-cosi / Bebeconfort (redesign 2014)

Project Details
  • Year:  2014
  • Categories:  front-end
  • Employer:  Colours BV
  • Client:  Dorel Industries
Project Description

Redesign project for two similar web-sites we have been working with within Dorel Release Managent for several years - twins Maxi-Cosi and Bebeconfort.

This was the very first front-end project in Colours BV developed from scratch using Pattern Lab — an atomic design system for a front-end code management. Project was running with SCRUM methodology and at some point the conception have been changed and a front-end development have been passed to and finished by another team within Colours for the sake of a better communication. So here are some intermediate results just to show an atomic design approach and PatternLab on a real project.

Check a local copy of HTML (in PatternLab) here: all elements, landing page, product detail page etc.