The Saints, the Diciple and a dogs

political caricature
Project Details
  • Year:  2007
  • Categories:  illustrations caricature
Project Description

Political caricature of the news of the day. In November 2007 the five most famous Belarusian rock-musicians visited the main ideologist of the goverment to talk about their participation in oppositional political events and an unofficial ban on their concerts existed because of that. This visit produced a very hot discussion in Belarusian society, some people accused musicians of treason.

The caption says: "The Saints are crossing an insuperable abyss towards the Paradise and the Disciple welcomes them with bagles and dogs are barking questioning their sanctity". The picture and the caption are stylized to a "lubok" — popular satirical prints of old times. There was an idea to make such a stylized caricatures on a regular basis, reacting on a topical events of the day. However, the project was not continued because of a lack of time. But I still hope to get back to the idea someday :)