Siver Almanac

logo, layout & promo web-site
Project Details
  • Year:  2013
  • Categories:  logo print covers web-design front-end
  • Client:  Siver Almanac
Project Description

SIVER is a Belarusian philosophic and historical almanac, dedicated to the idea of Great North. It's the publication, where the principles of tradition are combined with the needs of the future. According to these requirements a logo, layout design and a presentational web-site were made.

Logo of the almanac is based on a font used by a Belarusian printing pioneer Francis Skaryna in his editions of 1517. Layout of the almanac is a stylization of design elements of old printed books. However, the almanac is made in modern and clean style, so-called Scandinavian, natural and minimalistic. Important part of look and feel was brought by fonts used: Statut by Dzians Serbrakou and Linux Biolinum by Phillip Poll.

In addition, a presentational responsive single-page web-site was made for the project, which includes embeded video, timeline for news (made with TimelineJS) and embeded edition itself (from ISSUU).

Promo-website SIVER.by took 2nd place in the category "Interactive advertising" (1st place was not awarded) and almanach SIVER itself took 3rd place in the category "Media or media projects" at the festival of advertising and communicaton ADNAK'2013, Minsk, Belarus. Here are slides from the presentation: