Snegurochka (The Snow-maiden)

theatrical poster
Project Details
  • Year:  2005
  • Categories:  poster theatrical poster
  • Client:  Na Filfake Studio Theater (BSU)
Project Description

This is a hard-rock musical based on a classical story. The Snow Maiden (Russian: Снегурочка, Snegurochka) is a play by Alexander Ostrovsky written in 1873. The idea of the play based on a fairytale about Snegurochka - a doughter of Frost and Spring. The play tells the story of an idyllic utopian kingdom ruled by the Berendei, a poet and an artist who believes in love, peace and good will and promotes this belief of his. The kingdom is depicted as a piece of wonderland here on Earth, saturated with the spirit of Old Rus with its heroic warriors and gentle, benevolent tsars.

However, in the modern interpretation of theatre-studio "Na filfake" (Belarusian State University) the action of the play takes place... in a hard-rock cafe. And instead of pastoral songs heavy-metal riffs and songs by modern heavy metal bands like "Aria", "Kipelov" and "Mavrin" were used. Live band was playing during the performances.