web-site for a rock-band
Project Details
  • Year:  2005
  • Categories:  web-design front-end
  • Client:  Krama
Project Description

"Krama" is a pretty famous old-school rock-band in Belarus. The band formed in 1991, but it's members have been known in local rock stage since mid 1980-s. In 2001 they recorderd their 6th album and four years later they decided they need a website. Not many musicians (or even enterprises) in Belarus have had a website at that time so it was a matter of prestige and solidity. The design of the website was based on their latest album "Chavajsia ? bulbu!" ("Hide in potatoes!") and artworks from the previous ones.

The idea of informational structure was to split web-site sections based on human actions: i.e. section "Listen" for audio and discography, section "Read" for news and history, "View" for photo and video etc. Front-end was also implemented for the website, with some features. For example, guitar pegs have been spinning on hover. Thought the band is still concerting, nowadays the domain KRAMA.by is held by some webshop ("krama" literally means "a shop" in Belarusian). After 2005 Krama-band recorded two more albums of good old blues-rock and participated in several compilations.